Thursday, 7 July 2016

Natura Set

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Ok so I finally re-learnt how to mesh and I did this set called Natura. There are 5 new meshes with high quality textures (as you can see from the pictures below). It includes:
  • Armchair: 6 color combinations. Find it under the living chairs category with a price of 185.
  • Rug: 5 color combinations. Under rugs category with a price of 100.
  • Paintings: 5 different artworks. Under sculpture category (sorry I tried to put them under clutter but I couldn't at all). Price of 180.
  • Wall plates: 8 color combinations. Under the wall decoration category with a price of 55.
  • Plant: 6 color combinations with a price of 60. Obviously under the plants category.
I'm already working on some more recolors for this set (I already have the paintings recolors, I'm working with the other objects atm), so stay tuned for more if you liked this. Below some pics (click to enlarge):

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