Sunday, 1 August 2010

Insensitive Bathroom

Baroque | 22:45:00 | 12 comments

So here is the new bathroom. Includes a bathub, sink, mirror, plant and toilet. (Click images to enlarge)

Hope you like it!

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  1. Very cool, very simple and chic, congratulations by this set and by 10,000

    Atte Vanne

  2. I really love your simple, clean and stylish designs! Thanks very much.

  3. So clean and modern, love it! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Muy bonito, me encanta tu blog, si quieres ver el mio pasate por podemos afiliarnos si quieres. Saludos

  5. Parabens!!!gosto muito das suas criações,obrigado por compartilhar com nós...

  6. Hey, would tell you that there have been any changes now, instead of that I have the banner (for some of you) so I have instead chosen to link (the links) I became very klusj entries in the old way. So more orderly should be.

    BUT, I will give you another message.
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    greeting. Jeanette

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  7. i just stopped by your page to tell you: I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!

    Pralinesims from TSR:D

  8. i forgot to tell you: i use your objects in my preview screenshots and everyone asks me wehre i get your stuff i always link back to your site! thank you for sharing your cretivity with us!! its really sad you arent on TSR you will be the next objects superstar! for sure!

    Pralinesims from TSR:D

  9. Thanks! I'm glad you like my furniture! And I'm ok in this blog fo

  10. So clean and modern, love it
    thank you for sharing

  11. I love it !
    really beautiful and modern .
    thank you so much for this donwload

  12. Love your stuff. Very glad you aren't on TSR - I love beautifully made objects that work and are virus free! And yours are stunning.

    Keep up the great work :) You're amazing!



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