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Cisea House

Baroque | 18:05:00 | 14 comments

The house is completly functionally: you can swim in the pool, play computer, sleep, etc.
It doesn't include some furniture, because some are pay files, others T$R files... So there's a list where there're the not-included furniture and the included furniture, all with the respective creator.
This time you can download the house so, hope you like it !!!

Furniture List

Palmtrees: TSR @ ?? Grass: MTS @ Aya20
Palmtree @ Simply Styling
Bamboo: Sims Lulamai @ Luna
Hibiscus: MTS @ TheJim07
Red & yellow flower : TSR @ sim-man123 Blue bird @ baroquesims
Loungers @ astrasims3
Glass table @ sim3tria
Pears @ ?? Chairs: TSR @ ShinoKCR

Pool Plant @ Simply Styling
Lounger: TSR @ ShinoKCR

Up garden
Flowers: TSR @ Sim_man123
Big plant: TSR @ ?? 
Loungers @ Simply Styling

Doors @ S3MH ???
Cars @ Fresh Prince ???

Shelves @ baroquesims
Roses @ ??? Vases, books, black purse, black bag, black ballerinas, black boots, high heels, white purse, plant, white and brown bag @ Simply Styling
Blue bag, red and black high heels: TSR @ Dot
Black hat and man shoes @ sims3marktplatz
Stepstool @ einfachsims
Books @ Stylist sims
Branch @ baroquesims
Purse on the branch @ ???

Kitchen Counters & barstool : TSR @ Cazarupt (ModoModo Kitchen)
Bonsai: Casas cosas sims @ Baroque (me)
“Columns” @ Mangosims (OMSP)
Fridge: TSR @ Riccinumbers Extractor???? Stove: TSR @ Sasilia
Bag: Simtopia @ L.J
Mup @einfachsims
Wall tools @ simcredible
Yellow plate with melon and more @ simcredible
Sink @ sim3tria
Champagne @ einfachsims
Magazine: TSR @ Cemre Black pot & bake pane @ einfachsims
Teapot & Sauce dishes @ Desdren Sims 3 Paintings
Plant & utensils: TSR @ Riccinumbers
Pots and pan @ simcredible

“Pantry ” (the counter with vegetables)
Pear plate: TSR @Dot
Jam jar @ BHYSD
Apples, bell peppers, lemon, cucumbers, coffee set, sugar, pestle, eggplant @ einfachsims
Toaster & bread @ simcredible
Salt and Peppa: TSR @ Sasilia

Dining room
Chairs: TSR @ Nanu (eames chair 4)
Table: TSR @ Angela (Lucca dining)

Ceiling lamp @ simcredible

Plant @ Simenapule
Vases: TSR @ Gosik
Candles: TSR @ Angela (Lucca Dining)
Paintings: Simcontrol @ Pilar
Side Board @ Awesims
HOME wall art @ aroundthesims3

Cat @ baroquesims
Plant @ stylistsims
Sofas @ simcredible (pay)
Brown pillows @ awesims
Table @ stylistsims
Branch @baroquesims
Magazines @ Simply Styling
Newspaper @einfachsims
Books @ stylistsims
Violin @ BHYSD
Rug @ Simply Styling
TV @ Simcredible
Lamp @ StylistSims

Great room
Sofa @baroquesims
Table @ baroquesims
Plant: TSR @ Riccinumbers
Open Magazine: TSR @ Cemre
Vases & magazine @ Simply Styling

Bathroom Tub @ Stylistsims
Towell & high heels @ Simply Styling
Plant: Simcontrol @ Pilar
Sink @ ??
Pots @ Simply Styling
Laundry @ Stylistsims
Flip flops @ Simply Styling
Shoes @ sims3marktplatz
Toilet @ stylistsims

Baby room
Crib @ ??
Blanket @ ??
Central pillows @ Simply Styling
Teddy bear @ ??
Large pillow @ ?? 
Branch @ baroquesims
Frog pillow, flower pillow & monkey @ ??
Elephant @ Sunhair
Tricycle @ simcredible (pay)
Giraffe @ Purplepaws
Floor paintings @ simcredible
Round table @ simcredible (pay) Steps stool @ einfachsims
Clock @ ?? Plush @ sunhair
Easel @ einfachsims
Toy House @ ??
Frog @ Purplepaws
Jump Rope & Hula hoop@ Simpossible
Cups @ ??
Flower shelf @ ?? Stencil @ Desdren Sims 3 paintings

Shelves (baroquesims)
Dolls @ purplepaws
Ice-cream @ ?? Smilings @ simcredible (pay)
Hippo @ purplepaws
Plant: TSR @ Riccinumbers Plant @ Simply Styling
Owls: Garden breeze @ Pocci
Train @ simcredible
Vases @ Simply Styling
Ducks @ simcredible
Fire truck @ ??
Sheep and big plush @ sunhair
Other toys @ EA

Paintings @ baroquesims
Chair @ Stylistsims
Computer @ Simiversity
Desk: TSR @ ShinoKCR
Dresser: TSR @ Angela (Lucca Bedroom)

Desk @ Awesims
Wall Clutter: TSR @ Apple Drawn Houses @ ??
Stack of papers @ ?

Classifier @ Simcredible
Calculator @ Simcredible
Vertical books @ ??
Grey books @ Stylistsims
Open magazine: TSR @ Cemre
Magazines: TSR @ Shakeshaft 
Plant: Simcontrol @ Pilar
Books @ Stylistsims
Cup @ Simpossible
Under desk
Books @ Simply Styling
Classifier @ Desdren
White book @Einfachsims
Paints @ Einfachsims
Bag pile @ Einfachsims
Letters: TSR @ Cemre Books @ Simply Styling
Boxes @ Desdren

Bed & blanket @ Stylistsims
Branch @ baroquesims
Vase @ Simply Styling
End table @ Simply Styling
Flower: Simconrol @ Pilar
Book @ Simply Styling
Rug @ Simply Styling
Millennium wall art: Casas Cosas Sims @ baroque (me)

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  1. I can see you worked very hard not only on the house but the packaging and presentation. Great work. It's beautiful. What is the song on the video? I've been listening to it over and over.

  2. The song's name is "if we ever meet again" (Timbaland ft. Katy Perry) (Nº51 at billboard's hot 100!!!)

  3. Where do you have the garage doors from?

  4. C'est superbe ! J'aime beaucoup la décoration ! surtout les murs, la sobriété ! les escaliers !
    bravo ! c'est un superbe travail ! j'aimerais bien vivre dans cette maison !

  5. Hello
    Thank you ....
    It is a great blog.
    The palmtrees in gardeen and the big plant in up garden is made by alex_stanton1983 i know .......
    good bye

  6. Wow! A very beautiful House, and the furniture.. so genius! I love it. But some questions: From where is the stair, the wood floor in the most rooms, the Mac Computer and the sideboard under the stair, i can't find it @ awesims? Sorry but this things are very nice. I must have it :D And yeah, sorry for my bad english. Visite my blog, modernsimthings :D Best regards from Switzerland.

  7. Great house. and the video makes it easier than scrolling forever to see pics. great effort!

  8. love all your stuff!!! you have really good taste =)))) congrats from portugal!

  9. I love all your furniture !! Thank you so much :)

  10. I love it! I'll use it for my VIP's ... only thing I miss is whirpool :) but.. wow you are so talented! :)

  11. i like your style...where did you get the baby girl crib????

  12. Hi!
    Here is the furniture list:
    But there isn't the crib 'cause I don't know where is it from. Maybe you can ask on a forum.
    And thanks for the comment! ;D

  13. Awesome! ^_^ Love the little girl's room! That totally made me click the download link xD



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